I am an assistant professor at NYU's Computer Science Department. I am broadly interested in computer networks. My current research focus is enabling ubiquitous network programmability. I take a broad view of network programmability including—but not limited to—programmable switches, smart network-interface cards, sandboxes for host packet processing, service proxies, and software gateways. Within this broad umbrella, my research spans hardware designs for programmable packet processing, system software like compilers and multi-tenant runtimes, and applications such as distributed consensus and fair-access stock exchanges. My projects often involve building substantial hardware-software systems to validate research ideas. I am also a consultant at Clockwork and work closely with the P4 community and Barefoot Networks (now part of Intel). Before coming to NYU, I received a PhD from MIT in 2017, an S.M. from MIT in 2012, and a BTech from IIT Madras in 2010.



Address: 60 5th Avenue, Room 408, New York, NY 10011
Email: anirudh@cs.nyu.edu